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Identifying high demand areas in Cape Town’s northern suburbs

Identifying high demand areas in Cape Town’s northern suburbs

The influx of semigrants from Gauteng, the demand for homes in close proximity to good schools and the high return of investment opportunities in Cape Town’s northern suburbs has catapulted this region into the property market’s limelight.


We have been experiencing this growth curve over the last few years and the noticeable increase in demand for buyers coupled with the return on investment for sellers make areas like Durbanville and Bellville high demand property investment locations.


However, it is of utmost importance that you partner with a real estate agent with a proven track record of the region and a footprint in this area to ensure you receive the advice you’re looking for.


There are many opportunities in this market but you need to identify the avenue that best suits your profile and requirements. Families looking to settle down and build a home have a completely different set of needs than that of the developments investor.


At Harcourts House of Real Estate we partner with our clients to ensure they are guided every step of the way, that we present them with scalable opportunities and options that offer them sustainable long term investments. We similarly have highly developed marketing strategies able to target a wide range of strategic buyers.


Our successes in this area are continually acknowledged as we are a top perform real estate office with our agents perpetually ranking amongst the top 10 nationally. So if you’re interested in buying or selling in Cape Town’s northern suburbs, give us a call.


Benita Basson
Harcourts House of Real Estate Business Owner